Alert TV: "Pakistani Islamists are a national danger, the government should wake up before it's too late"

Alert TV Pakistani flag Thessaloniki

An ALERT TV broadcast on Monday stressed to the government to deal with the problem of Pakistani Islamists in Greece "before it is too late."

Director of Directus, Andreas Mountzouroulias, gave an interview to Alert TV and spoke about Pakistani provocations in Greece.

Specifically, he said that at a time when Migration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarachi wants to make agreements with Islamabad for "land workers", the Pakistanis in Greece are making provocations.

Watch from 51:39 to 1:01:25:

The report begins by showing a video that was recently released and shows pro-Turkish Pakistanis raising their flag in Thessaloniki.

He explains that the video in question shows a Turkish flag emoji, demonstrating that a Turcophile community is developing in Greece which can develop in a security threat.

In the same video, Andreas Mountzouroulias stressed that the government needs to do much more to deal with this developing security threat, highlighting the very close relations, especially in the military, between Pakistan and Turkey.

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