Çavuşoğlu's new threats: If Greece does not back down on the islands, we will do whatever is necessary

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

New threats against Greece were launched on Tuesday morning by the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who said, among other things, the phrase "whosoever sows wind, reaps storms".

On the occasion of the press conference with his Romanian counterpart in Ankara, Çavuşoğlu referred to the issue of military exercises in the eastern Aegean islands and said that "we may come suddenly one night. We will not remain silent in the face of threats."

Invoking once again Turkey 's distorted reading of international treaties, the Turkish Foreign Minister asserted that "the islands that Greece has equipped were given to it by the Lausanne and Paris treaties with one condition, Greece cannot equip these islands."

Continuing in the same twisted tone, Çavuşoğlu accused Greece of "directly violating these two agreements. Greece does not want peace. It violates the peace accords. We sent our legal arguments. We saw their answers, answers that are purely politically demagogic."

Going one step further, he started the threats saying that "if Greece does not retreat from this violation, the issue of the sovereignty of these islands should be discussed. We cannot remain silent on this issue."

"Either Greece will take a step back or we will do whatever is necessary. That's why our president said the phrase "we may come suddenly one night". We cannot suffer in silence. We will do whatever is necessary," the minister added.

"Greece should not forget that whoever sows wind, reaps storms. If you don't want peace, we will do whatever is necessary, suddenly one night," Çavuşoğlu concluded in his provocative reference to Greece.

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