Nikos Hardalias joins navy exercise 100 hundred metres under the sea - See the photos

Nikos Hardalias

Deputy Defence Minister Nikos Hardalias gave honour to the 80 year anniversary since the participation of a Greek submarine in World War II when speaking after a planned operational training activity of the Submarine Command in the wider maritime area of ​​the Central Aegean.

"In honour of 80 years since the action of the Greek submarines during the Second World War, I met with the excellent and highly operationally experienced officers of the submarine Matrozos, and experienced with them a truly unique experience, 100 metres below the sea, during the 'Periscope 19/22' exercise."

As announced, he participated in an operational voyage with the Unorthodox Warfare Vessel - Fast Transport Mk-V "Aeolos", of the Navy's Submarine Disaster Command.

Afterwards, he was on the submarine "Matrozos" where, while diving, he watched the firing of a torpedo at a surface target. He was informed by the captains about the operational capabilities of Aeolo and Matrozos.

After the end of the exercise, the deputy minister underlined: "Personnel strong, ready, very capable, with extremely high morale and faith in their mission".

He congratulated, and emphasised that the political leadership of the ministry is proud "of our energetic potential, men and women of the Submarine Command, the Navy, our Armed Forces ".

"They are entitled", he continued, "and have the absolute respect and trust of the political and military leadership as well as of all Greeks," added Hardalias.

The Deputy Minister of National Defence was accompanied by Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Panagiotis Lymberis. The commanders of the Submarine Command Captain Ioannis Stratoyiannis and the Commanders of the Submarine Disaster Command Captain Konstantinos Nassopoulos were present.

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