THESSALONIKI: Greek police on general alert after 16-year-old Roma died in hospital

Roma Thessaloniki greek police

The Greek police were put on general alert after one of their officers killed a 16-year-old Roma in Thessaloniki. By decision of the Chief of the Police, Konstantinos Skoumas, all police services are put on red alert - from ordinary policemen and officers to special guards and border guards.

According to the written order that reached all the police services of the country: "You are aware that in accordance with the above and for extraordinary serious and urgent official reasons, as of receipt of this notice, the entire staff of the Hellenic Police is placed on general alert, until further notice and for the protection of public order and security".

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The 16-year-old Roma was injured when a police shot him in Thessaloniki after a chase last Monday. He then died at the Hippocrates in Thessaloniki, where he was being treated.

He suffered a head injury and his condition remained critical, without showing any improvement. This morning he passed away...

During the pursuit, the police officer used his service weapon twice, resulting in one bullet injuring the minor in the head. The police officer was prosecuted for attempted murder with possible intent.

Yesterday, the prosecutor recommended the pre-trial detention of the police officer. The prosecutor in his proposal points out among other things that, due to his experience, the police officer should not have fired in this situatin.

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