Kozani: Christmas in Deer Park - See video and photos

Kozani Deer Park

Wonderful images come from the Deer Park of Agios Panteleimonos outside of Kozani.

The park offers a unique sight with deer and reindeer roaming the area, while it is an ideal destination for young and old, especially during the holidays. It is about 25 minutes from the city of Kozani.

The Deer Park of Agios Panteleimon Kozani is located approximately two kilometres east of the community of Agios Dimitrios and belongs to the Municipality of Hellespont. It is less than 90 minutes from Thessaloniki via Egnatia Street.



In the pond you will see many fish and walking around the perimetre and inside the park you will come across different types of plants and trees. It could, as the park's volunteers believe, evolve into a biodiversity research area of ​​the region's ecosystem.



The area is an attraction for visitors and pilgrims from different parts of Macedonia - and not only - throughout the year, while at Christmas it is an ideal attraction for visitors to meet up close the famous animals that drive the sleigh of Santa Clause.



The site has been taken over by volunteer residents of the village of Agios Dimitrios, according to Proto Thema. They "protect" and take care of the area, as they clean and plant trees, while they also undertake maintenance work.

In addition, they feed the fawns (especially in the winter season).



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