WORLD CUP: Argentina fan defies Qatar's strict dress code and goes topless (VIDEO)

world cup argentina topless

Argentinians all over the world erupted into wild celebrations when the Albiceleste won the 2022 World Cup trophy in the thrilling final against France on Sunday when Gonzalo Montiel slotted away the final shot in the penalty shoot out.

One woman, in fact, forgot all the strict dress code warnings and threats of arrest for dressing “lightly” and decided to let it hang out… to celebrate Argentina’s great victory.

Unfortunately for her, as she was in the front row of the stands, the camera recorded her wild celebrations which were immediately spotted by social media users who took care to repost the footage.

Former Miss Croatia was the first female to push her luck with the strict rules, making a splash on the social media platforms of the Qatar stadiums with her super sexy appearances and yet was not arrested, which might have possibly saved the hot-blooded Argentine from trouble with Qatar’s authorities.


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Before the start of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar’s tourism body warned visitors that “both men and women should show respect for the local culture by avoiding overly revealing clothing in public.”

“We generally recommend that men and women cover their shoulders and knees,” Qatar’s tourism agency added at the time, “advice” that the Argentina fan completely ignored.

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