Christmas with a temperature of 20°C in Chania and Veria!

Christmas 2022 Chania Crete

High temperatures for the season were recorded at noon on Christmas Day, which were up to 7 degrees Celsius above the average , according to the network of automatic weather stations of the National Observatory of Athens /

The mercury in many areas approached or exceeded 20 degrees in Crete. The highest maximum temperatures were recorded in Paleochora of Chania (20.1), Makrochori of Veria (20.1), city of Veria (19.9), Dion of Pieria (19.9), Petrokefali of Moira (19.9) and Kalamata (19, 8).

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The high temperatures for the season prompted many winter swimmers to go to the beaches and enjoy their swim on Christmas day.

Typical are the photos from Flisvos where one of the swimmers appeared wearing a Santa hat!

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Photos from Proto Thema.

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