7 ton vasilopita! Peristeri is going to break the record AGAIN this New Year

vasilopita peristeri

The world's largest vasilopita will be cut once again in the municipality of Peristeri.

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are a serious matter for Peristeri. The municipality, in addition to setting up an entire Christmas village with toys in the central square, every time surpasses itself, cutting the biggest vasilopita in the country.

For two years, the municipality may have left this particular custom aside, but this year it is coming back stronger than ever. For those who do not remember, on the first day of 2020, the municipality of Peristeri cut a king cake weighing 5 tons and divided it into 35,000 pieces.

Inside it were 200 flowers, which corresponded to gifts.

See the video from 2019:

That cake exceeded 300 square metres in total area and was set up along the road that connects the square with the pedestrian street of the city.

This year, therefore, the municipality together with the Syndicate of Bakers of Athens, Suburbs & Surroundings are rolling up their sleeves again and going for a new record.

As they announced, they will be creating the biggest vasilopita ever, with more than 50,000 pieces and lots of decorations to match gifts. The biggest celebration for the New Year will start on Friday, December 30, 2022, at 17:30 at the Town Hall Square.

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The Vasilopita will exceed 7 tons in weight and at the end it will be cut and distributed to the citizens. Dozens of artisan bakeries (neighbourhood bakeries) and experienced bakers will undertake the creation of the cake from early in the morning.

As for the materials to be used? We are talking about 4 tons of pastry flour, two tons of oil, 1 ton of sugar, 500 kg of baking powder, 50 kg of baking powder, 2,000 eggs, 1,500 oranges, 50 kg of brandy and 4 boxes of vanilla.

Although we do not know in how many countries the vasilopita is made, it is certain that in Peristeri we will see the largest in the world!

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