Adviser to PM Mitsotakis characterises the occupied territories as the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus"!

Mitsotakis Nikos Tsafos (Photo by Rachel Waldholz, Alaska’s Energy Desk) Nikos Tsafos

An energy adviser to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis characterised the occupied territories as the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus".

In a tweet made on December 8, 2020, Nikos Tsafos wrote: "The first maritime dispute is over areas that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has licensed off the *southern* coast of Cyprus."

"This is not a maritime dispute—it’s a dispute over Cypriot sovereignty. But as a 'territorial' dispute, it’s an odd one," he added.

Although it is an old tweet by the chief energy adviser to the prime minister, it was resurfaced by Stavrofos, who wrote on Sunday: "He has been anointed as 'the man of special missions', acting as a bridge-builder with the US to achieve...joint steps. The government of the 'patriots'."

Cyprus has been de facto divided between the Greek and Turkish communities since 1974 after Turkey's armed invasion. 37% of the island's territory was occupied and the so-called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" (TRNC) was proclaimed in 1983.

The so-called "TRNC" is only recognised by Turkey and the entity's occupying authorities are deemed illegal by several United Nations Security Council Resolutions, such as UNSC 541 and UNSC 550.

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