Happy 100th Birthday to an Australian Hero, one of our last remaining World War 2 veterans and ANZAC’s

Mr Leslie Cook at Hellenic Club of Canberra.

Les enlisted in the army in May 1940 and served in North Africa, Syria and Greece (Crete). He later served at Kokoda in the Pacific War and in Japan for a year.

He is one of our last surviving members of the Battle of Crete, and we are lucky enough to have him as a friend of the Greek Community here in Canberra.

Today, on his 100th birthday, the Hellenic Club of Canberra will honour Les with an Honorary Life Membership of the Club, giving thanks, praise and nothing but love to the man who went to war and defended the freedoms we enjoy today, both in Australia and in Greece.

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Mr Andrew Satsia (President of the Hellenic Club), Mr Les Cook and Mr John Loukadellis (President of the Greek Orthodox Community & Church of Canberra)

Les was once asked what he did in the war, and he responded, ‘I walked amongst Kings’

I am sure I speak for all when I say that we are eternally grateful to Les for his courage, sacrifice and contribution to us all, both here in Australia and Greece (Crete). Had it not been for the extraordinary service of people like Les, we would not live with the freedoms and security we are privileged to live in today.

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Les Cook as an 18yr old in Damascus, Syria