Vassilis Topalos: Prosecutor investigates homicide as possible cause of death

Vassilis Topalos

A police investigation into the circumstances of the serious injury suffered by Vassilis Topalos, which ultimately resulted in the death of the 16-year-old European boxing champion, continues.

The police investigating the case are taking statements from the people who were at the gym at the time, paying particular attention to the exercises that the boxers did and the movements of the 16-year-old.

The owner of the gym in Kallithea, where Topalos was injured, was summoned for the third time on Sunday by investigators and gave a new statement.

According to what MEGA's main news bulletin reported, what he was asked for was the list and names of all the boxers who have been in the gym since December 1, 2022.

The police investigation will start from the beginning of December as the 16-year-old boxer had only recently been going to train at the specific Boxing Association.

In the meantime, as revealed by the show "Trial in the Open", the possibility that a felony has been committed is now being investigated, that is, that there has been an intentional homicide. According to the report, the case is being investigated by the Athens sports prosecutor, Kostas Spyropoulos, who is examining the possibility of intentional homicide with possible intent.

According to ERT, so far, the Directorate for Combating Violence in Sports Venues of Attica Security, which undertook the investigation into the circumstances of his death, has received at least 15 statements.

The findings from the laboratory tests are also considered important. These, combined with the forensic report, will give direction to the investigation overseen by the Supreme Court's sports chief prosecutor, Virginia Sakellaropoulou.

The information available to the authorities so far indicates that the athlete's death was caused by his fall on the floor of the gym - although the investigation is still ongoing and the conclusions are relatively uncertain.

According to the medical examination, death was caused by a traumatic brain injury resulting in brain necrosis. The prevailing belief is that the 16-year-old went into the bathroom after training, felt sick, passed out and fell head first on a marble surface.

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