Athens turns into a fortress from tomorrow for the funeral of the late King Constantine – Road race to get Tatoi ready


Countdown to the funeral of former King Constantine, which will be held on Monday, 16 January and from tomorrow, Sunday (15.1.2023), the centre of Athens will resemble a fortress due to the dignitaries arriving for the funeral.

Royal Guests from around the world are expected to attend the Funeral of King Constantine II of Greece at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Athens on January 16th, followed by the Burial in the Royal Cemetery at Tatoi Palace. The body will Lay in State at the Agios Eleftherios Chapel in Athens from 6 am to 10 am ahead of the Funeral.

Specifically, the measures will be draconian in the centre of Athens from noon on Sunday, particularly in the areas around the Syntagma and the Metropolis, due to the presence of the representatives of the royal families who flock to the funeral of the former King Constantine.

The traffic regulations in the centre of Athens will come into force tomorrow, and the security measures will peak on Monday morning while the procession is in progress.

Early in the morning, the Athens municipal police placed ribbons and warning signs stating that parking is prohibited from tomorrow, Sunday, at 10:00 on Mitropoleos Ermou and Aiolou streets.

The authorities have drawn up a plan for the protection and safety of the dignitaries and for the transfer of the body of the former King Constantine from the Metropolis to Tatoi, where the burial will occur.

The measures of ELAS from the Metropolis to Tatoi

The police have chosen the route that the motorcade will follow from Katehaki – Attiki Odos – Varymbobi exit. However, according to information, alternative routes have also fallen on the table as the traffic or a traffic accident on Attiki Odos, and Katehaki can cause a headache for the residents.

At the same time, DIAS motorcyclists and Direct Action patrol cars will accompany the procession. A total of 1000 police officers will be on foot, while five drones and two helicopters will provide an image of the operational centre of GADA during the ceremony in the Metropolis and on the way to Tatoi.

In Tatoi, the ELAS “block” will be located at a distance of two kilometres from the former royal estates, at the entrance of “Lefka” as, according to ERT, the family’s wish is that there be no cameras at the burial site.

Frantic work at Tatoi

The crews in Tatoi are battling against time so that the site will be ready on Monday for the burial of the former King Constantine in the family cemetery.

The devastating fire of 2021 has left its mark everywhere, and crews of workers are working feverishly as the aim is to have all work completed by 7 pm on Sunday.

By Saturday night, the roads and the parking lot were almost ready, while tree planting had been done in the surrounding area. Dirt roads have been paved with gravel, burnt trees and branches have been removed, and the chapel of the Ascension has been repaired.

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The work will begin tomorrow at first light and is expected to be completed by Sunday evening.

As the construction contractor in Tatoi, Mr Petros Bakalis, pointed out, until now, “the roads and the parking lot are almost ready for people to park". Tree planting has been done we should be finished by Sunday night.

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Pathways were built around the cemetery so that people could have access, as over 300 cars are expected to arrive.

My staff will work until nightfall; tomorrow, by this time, I hope everything will be almost finished,” he concluded.

His children and grandchildren will carry the coffin

The preparations for the funeral of the former King Constantine have now entered the final phase. At the same time, today, there was also a ritual rehearsal, where his children and grandchildren can be seen lifting the coffin in footage seen on Star TV.

After all, it was the wish of the children of the former King Constantine to carry the coffin at his funeral.

His son Pavlos will deliver a eulogy, as will some of the International Olympic Committee members and another person whose name has not yet been released to the media.

Possible guests at King Constantine's funeral:

-Queen Anne-Marie
-Crown Prince Pavlos
-Crown Princess Marie-Chantal
-Princess Maria-Olympia
-Prince Constantine-Alexios
-Prince Achileas-Andreas
-Prince Odysseas-Kimon
-Princess Aristides-Stavros
-Princess Alexia
-Don Carlos Morales Quintana
-Arrietta Morales y de Gracia
-Ana-Maria Morales y de Gracia
-Carlos Morales y de Gracia
-Amelia Morales y de Gracia
-Prince Nikolaos
-Princess Tatiana
-Princess Theodora
-Atty. Matthew Kumar
-Prince Philippos
-Princess Nina
-Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark
-Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark
-Marina Karella

Spain 🇪🇸
-Queen Emerita Sofia
-King Juan Carlos
-King Felipe VI
-Queen Letizia
-Infanta Elena
-Infanta Cristina

Denmark 🇩🇰
-Queen Margrethe
-Princess Benedikte
-Crown Prince Frederik
-Prince Joachim
-Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

United Kingdom 🇬🇧
-Princess Anne
-Sir Timothy Laurence
-Princess Alexandra of Kent

Sweden 🇸🇪
-King Carl XVI Gustaf
-Queen Silvia
-Princess Christina

Norway 🇳🇴
-Crown Prince Haakon
-Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Luxembourg 🇱🇺
-Grand Duke Henri

Netherlands 🇳🇱
-King Willem-Alexander
-Queen Maxima
-Princess Beatrix

Romania 🇷🇴
-Prince Radu

Monaco 🇲🇨
-Prince Albert
-Princess Caroline

Belgium 🇧🇪
-King Philipppe
-Queen Mathilde

Bulgaria 🇧🇬
-King Simeon

Serbia 🇷🇸
-Princess Catherine of Serbia

Jordan 🇯🇴
-Princess Sarvath al-Hassan

Russia 🇷🇺
-Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna

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