Stelios Rokkos updates his Facebook page on his condition in hospital

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As it became known on Saturday, Stelios Rokkos had a little adventure with his health.

The singer was in Lemnos and went to the island's hospital, with the doctor finding that he was showing symptoms of a heart attack.

Immediately, he requested to be airlifted by C-130 to "Alexandra" hospital for precautionary reasons and then transferred to a private hospital.

Stelios Rokkos hours later posted this on his Facebook page.

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"Guys, Stelios is fine!! He had a little adventure. We wish him a speedy recovery!!!", was the message that was uploaded a few hours later on Stelios Rocco's official Facebook page.

The singer's wife Eleni Gofa spoke on the show "Open Weekend" and reassured his fans, stating that everything is fine.

"On Friday night, he felt very unwell and we were transferred urgently from Lemnos to Athens. We had a bit of an adventure, but now it's fine. All problems were overcome. There are no complications and he is now recovering. The shop will be closed this two days and we will return next week, God first" was the statement of the wife of Stelios Roccos.

 Eleni Gofa  and Stelios Rokkos