Terror in the Peloponnese by armed Pakistanis

police car pink panther

Indescribable scenes of violence spread panic among the residents of Filiatra in the Peloponnese late on Wednesday night when a group of ten Pakistanis, wearing hoods and armed with bats and knives, crossed a large part of the town on foot until they reached the house of one of their compatriots and raided it!

The tenant was away at the time, reported Proto Thema, but that didn't stop the hooded foreigners from ransacking the house and smashing his car parked outside with clubs!

In fact, according to the victim, they found around 1,500 euros in cash in the car, which they grabbed and the raid came to an end.

As it seems, financial differences with their compatriot appears to be the motivation for it.

The Triphylia police station was notified of the mafia attack, whose officers began an investigation.

Five of the perpetrators were located on Thursday in the area of ​​Spilia where they live, arrested and brought to the Kyparissia District Court on charges of violating the law on weapons, theft, damage to property and disturbing the peace.

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