Dounias Crete’s most authentic tavern serves the tastiest traditional dishes

Ntounias Tavern, which is owned by Stelios Trilyrakis.

Located in the mountainous village of Drakona, about 18km outside Chania, you will find Ntounias Tavern, owned by Stelios Trilyrakis.

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It all started in 2004 when Stelios, a chef at a restaurant in Chania, decided to return to his village and take over the traditional tavern run by his parents.

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Stelios wanted to make this the most authentic experience for those who came here to eat and dreamed of creating a tavern filled with traditional Cretan food he learned to make from his mum and Yiayia.


He used organic, local produce and prepared traditional Cretan dishes using paresis, which are wood stoves and ovens. There are no electric cooking appliances in this tavern, and Stelios plans on keeping it this way.

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Stelios also decided to grow his farm, planted his vegetable garden, and bought livestock, so he only uses free-range eggs, meat, and dairy from his backyard.

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Ntounias has become a household name in Crete and the entire of Greece, where people from all over the country come here to try the most delicious and authentic Cretan food.

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Stelios, his wife, and his family all work here, and everything on the menu is seasonal and depends on what is growing in the garden.


All bread is baked daily in the wood fire ovens, and even the wine and Raki are homemade.

One thing you can be sure of is that you will not find a more delicious and authentic meal, and you will definitely want to make your way here more than once!

A: Drakona, Chania, Crete 731 00

P: +30 2821 065083


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