The Greek shipping fleet is outside the Top 10 based on value - Who is on the list?

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Although the majesty of the Greek islands are known all over the world, with ships carry millions of passengers every year to and from the the Aegean and the Ionian Seas, it is evident that is it absolutely necessary to modernise the country's fleet.

According to a Vessels Value survey of the 10 most expensive coastal shipping fleets worldwide, including ships under construction and ordered, Greece does not make the cut. Although there are eight European countries in the top 10, Greece is absent.

The Top 10:

1. Italy 4.037 billion dollars
2. China 2.6 billion
3. Japan 2.558 billion
4. Sweden with 1.6 billion
5. Spain with 1.323 billion
6. Estonia with 1.320 billion
7. France with 1.283 billion
8. Denmark with 1.232 billion
9. United Kingdom with 956 million dollars
10. Poland with 868 million

Coastal shipping connects 116 habitable islands on which 14.6% of the Greek population lives.

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