Peter Andre reveals Amelia and Theo have learned Greek thanks to this clever trick

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Peter Andre has YouTube to thank for his two youngest children, Amelia and Theo, who are learning his mother language, Greek.

The star, who has become the latest celebrity to voice a character in Thomas & Friends, revealed that his children watch cartoon shows, including Thomas the Tank Engine, in Thomas, and thanks to his clever trick, they now "speak Greek so much".

Peter pictured with their son Theo and daughter on Amelia Instagram
Peter pictured with his son Theo and daughter Amelia

Speaking to HELLO! to promote Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! In the Movie, Peter, 45, who is voicing the character of Ace, explained that he started to play Amelia's favourite cartoons in Greek, and he was surprised at how quickly she started learning new words. "They speak Greek so much – a lot of the words they say are Greek, not English," he explained.

"It's bizarre! So then I started doing it with Thomas too, if you go on YouTube you can find it too. So now they're learning it in Greek, which is brilliant."

PETER Andre has also blasted Prince Harry in an unexpected outburst following the release of Royal’s tell-all book.

The dad of four called out Prince Harry after the release of his new book.

The phrase ‘heir and spare’ highlights the distinction between the eldest child who is destined to inherit their parent’s fortune, power and position – which in this case is Prince William – and their younger siblings, also known as ‘spares’ who are unlikely to never ascend to the throne.