Wholesale electricity price expected to drop again on Thursday

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The price of wholesale electricity will drop to 58,44 euros/MWh on Thursday at the Hellenic Energy Exchange, it was reported on Wednesday.

This rate is 33% lower than Wednesday's set rate, a continuous reduction since wholesale electricity prices dropped 75% last Saturday, that is from 233,81 euros/MWh to 58,55 euros/MWh.

It is noted that at the height of the energy costs crisis in the summer of 2022, the price of electricity had reached 697 euros, with the maximum price exceeding 930 euros/MWh.

The drop is mainly due to the large participation of Renewable Energy Sources in covering the load (70%) in combination with low demand for the season.

Thursday's price is one of the lowest in the EU, it was added, as in the majority of countries it is set at levels above 130 euros per megawatt-hour.

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