Rhodes: The missing woman was entangled with a priest, her father claims

Rhodes priest missing woman

The search for the 44-year-old woman who has been missing since Monday in Rhodes is in full progress, with her relatives reporting the involvement of a person that was "acting as a priest".

"She was entangled with a priest and couldn't get out. The child went to school and then gave up, he didn't go to pick him up," said the 44-year-old's father.

For his part, the 44-year-old's husband appealed to everyone to help locate her and claimed that this is not the first time his wife has disappeared.

"She had left the house on other occasions, but then she would return and her cell phone was on, she was communicating," he told Star, avoiding, however, to give more details about the allegations attributed to the priest.

The founder of the Monastery where the 44-year-old allegedly went regularly also gave his testimony. According to him the woman had many problems in her marriage and had often expressed the desire to end her life.

“She had a lot of problems, like with her husband. We, like other people, told her to be patient. To see things differently, because she had suicidal tendencies and had left again, disappeared. She said 'the next time I leave you won't see me again'," he said.

It is recalled that a few hours after the disappearance of the 44-year-old woman, her car was found in a deserted location, in a ditch, without any sign of her.

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A Silver Alert has been issued to locate the 44-year- old woman, which mentions her characteristics: black hair with scattered gray, black eyes, height of 1.62m and thin body.

On the day she disappeared, the 44-year-old was wearing a long black skirt above the ankle, black trainers, a blue knee-length puffer jacket, a white cardigan and a black blouse.

Anyone who knows something about the case can contact the National SOS Hotline 1065 24 hours a day.

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