Elon Musk Finally Hugs Cypriot Super-Fan YouTuber Who Camped Outside Twitter HQ For Months

Elon Musk finally indulges YouTuber and serial hugger Fidias

After a prolonged effort from the latter, Elon Musk has finally hugged his superfan, YouTuber Fidias or Fifi Panayiotou. Fidias, on a mission to hug the billionaire, had camped outside Twitter headquarters for months and chronicled that journey for the public to see. Though Elon’s mother, Maye wasn’t too pleased with Fidias after his followers spammed her Instagram comments, her son indicated that he was more open to the idea recently.

YouTubers like Mr Beast and smaller but notable hosts like Fidias Panayiotou from Cyprus support Elon Musk.

As Fidias was nearly ready to call it quits, something remarkable happened. Musk visited a World Cup match in Qatar. While some mainstream media outlets focused on Musk’s interaction with a Russian TV presenter, the Tesla CEO interacted with many people in the stadium. These included a group of young boys who personally asked Musk if he could hug the YouTuber, and his answer was

Will do it

And with that, the YouTuber, who was just about ready to give up, secured Musk’s permission. In a post on Twitter, the YouTuber confirmed that he could finally meet and hug Elon Musk. The event appeared to have been done at Twitter’s San Francisco office, at least based on an image posted on social media.