Santorini Sky Redefines Sustainable Luxury

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The first resort to open this season returns on February 1st with an expanded portfolio of designer villas.

Since opening in 2020, Santorini Sky has redefined luxury on this famous island paradise, positioning itself as the exclusive mountaintop resort. Each jaw-dropping villa offers panoramic views, impeccable service, and perfect seclusion. In 2023, this stunning property will be expanding to include a total of 16 stunning private villas.

The highest resort on the island, Santorini Sky, gazes out from the very top of Prophet Elias Mountain. At 2,000 feet above sea level, it is the highest spot in Santorini. This pristine location above the sparkling Aegean Sea guarantees the most unbelievable views from sunrise to sunset, and acres of natural gardens offer the most privacy anywhere on the island.

Each magnificent private villa features unmatched panoramic views, a private terrace and a heated jacuzzi. You’ll find luxurious hand-crafted marble bathrooms, cloud-soft oversized beds with ultra high-end bedding, smart satellite TVs and the fastest internet in Santorini. The Master Villa boasts the highest infinity pool on this famously beautiful island. And as for the service - it’s just as sensational as the views, with a dedicated team offering 24/7 support at every stage of the customer journey.

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Santorini Sky prides itself on being so much more than a luxury property. The mission of this secluded getaway was not just to offer an alternative to the over-tourism that can plague other parts of Santorini but to be deeply connected to its landscape and community. To lead the way for sustainable travel on the island and to give global travellers an even better way to experience this unique paradise.

Each villa has been carefully built with local and natural materials and designed to be sympathetic to the landscape.

There’s an organic fruit and vegetable garden on-site for staff and guests, extra-large refillable bathroom amenities to reduce waste, carpets made from recycled ocean plastics, and coffee husks. They offer complimentary destination charging for electric vehicles and use fully electric cars for the resort.

Santorini Sky is the first on the island to solve one of the biggest environmental challenges - plastic water bottles. They’ve installed five intelligent machines that make fresh drinking water out of thin air. This unique innovation, producing pure, clean drinking water from natural humidity, saves a massive 5,000 plastic bottles at the resort every year and can even save on the use of millions of bottles around the island.

And this is just the start. Santorini Sky is always looking to the future, finding ways to improve. They truly believe we must leave the island better than we found it, and to give people the most memorable

way to experience it, protecting paradise for generations to come.

Given its unique location, this sustainably luxurious property also offers the most extended season on the island. They are the first resort to open for the 2023 season on February 1st and will stay open all year. Extending the booking season helps to balance out overcrowding and over-tourism in this bucket list destination, taking pressure off the local towns and amenities.

In addition to protecting the environment, Santorini Sky is equally proud of its approach to inclusivity and diversity. Last year, they hosted the first Pride event on the island in conjunction with LGBTQ+ travel company VACAYA.

More than ever, luxury doesn’t just mean product and service. It’s so much deeper than that. It’s about being responsible and thoughtful and creating a customer experience that connects to and protects the local community and the environment in which we operate.

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  1. So great to see Santorini Sky in the news again. I have stayed there twice and soaked up every minute of the warm hospitality and the most amazing views. The accommodations are bespoke. There’s attention to every detail and comfort. Nice to read their sustainable initiatives. And staying at Santorini Sky, you are away from all the touristy places, noises and overcrowding. Best thing of all for us, the sunsets are unforgettable from the highest spot on the island.