Ambassador Tsunis: US-Greek relations have never been stronger

US Ambassador George Tsunis

Greece-US relations have never been this strong, due to the work of the government, the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, and the business community, said US Ambassador to Greece, George Tsunis, at the Economist's 'The World Ahead 2023 Athens Gala Dinner', held in Athens on Friday.

The American ambassador described 2022 as a success for economic relations between Greece and the US: "We have seen many American companies, from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, JP Morgan and Meta, making large investments in Greece," he said.

Moreover, there are huge prospects for Greek-American trade relations in coming years, he added.

Regarding 2023, Tsunis said that he is entirely convinced that "the best days are ahead of us," stressing that more investments are coming to Greece from the US, and emphasizing Foreign Direct Investments.

"Right now even more American companies are coming to invest in our shared future, in recognition of talents present in Greece and the great potential," he said, referring to investments in the fields of technology, 5G optic fibers, energy, tourism and shipping.

Tsunis underlined that the US supports Greece's role as a leader at this critical moment, for the diversification of supply sources.

Finally, he emphasized that Greece is on the right side of history, and underlined that he is very proud being the US ambassador to Greece, "because our interests and our values are identical."

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