The rock singer from the band Prospectus Nikolas Filetas died suddenly of a heart attack

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"Nikola, you will always be on stage with us", the rest of the band Prospectus says in a touching announcement after the singer's sudden death.

He came from the occupied Morphou and has lived since 1974 in Nicosia. He has been involved in music professionally since the age of 13 and, over the years, has established himself as one of the most well-known and established names in the artistic world of Cyprus.

"Today's sudden loss of Nikolas Filitas is tragically unexpected for us at PROSPECTUS. The song that froze on his lips froze our hearts and we are shocked", they note.  

"We who have learned to express ourselves through music, now standing next to his form, immerse ourselves in a mournful song, the deafening silence", emphasizes the band.

"Nicola, you will always be on stage with us. There in front where our conscience stands, which you carved with your unyielding love! Your brothers the Prospectus'.

The artist was on a leisure trip to Britain, while just last Saturday, he made his last appearance in a well-known nightclub in Nicosia.

The heartbreaking post of Pyx Lax

The rock singer from the band Prospectus Nikolas Filetas died suddenly of a heart attack 1

The "goodbye" of Pyx Lax was heartbreaking in their post on social media:

"Good friend Nikola. Welcome, man.

You put us in a scarab car in Cyprus with Lavrentis and Manos, and that's how we met you.

And since then you were always by our side. Always there whenever we needed you.

To fight for the songs you love and the music you love more than all of us.

I wish we all had your passion and your courage, our brother.

The kindest and most innocent soul hidden inside a stentorian body and a harshly dressed form.

You hurried and quietly went to find your friends in some hidden corner in the sky.
In the same sudden way.

Our pain is tremendous and our brokenness is unbearable.

Unbearable sadness.

Have a good trip our dear friend"


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