Moxy: A hotel to see Athens differently

Moxy hotel Athens

There are many reasons to visit Athens. For its civilization and culture, for its fun and vibes, for its authentic urban character, for Kolonaki, Exarchia, Plaka, Psirri and Syntagma. This concerns not only the Europeans who are visiting as a city break destination, but also for all Greeks.

Never before in modern history has an escape to Athens been so attractive, yet so imperative. Theatres, cinemas, exhibitions, ancient monuments, museums, conferences, parties, concerts there are many reasons for someone to choose Athens for three days or a little more.

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And once you've made your choice, there's only one destination to stay in if you want to experience the city "from the inside" as an informed local, according to Proto Thema: Moxy Athens, in the most central part of the capital, Stadium 65, is the unapologetically modern base for an exciting escape.

A member of Marriott International and managed by leading hotel management company SWOT Hospitality , the hotel stands out for its futuristic facade, Instagrammable corners and pop art elements.

At the same time, it is a choice for people where style is a matter of substance and hospitality a mosaic of experiences made up of many elements, each with its own weight.

What are those elements that make Moxy Athens special? It is the amazing view of the city skyline, the Acropolis and Lycabettus.

It is the careful interior decoration , the style and the aura of the people who choose it, the fact that you have everything at your feet and a few minutes of walking is enough to get to know the most emblematic parts of the city.

In most cases you don't even need to take the Metro, which is literally ten steps away!

It's the music nights with DJs and the live shows with musicians who know how to keep the fun going. They are the spectacular events of young artists of Art and Fashion. Moxy Athens is located in the heart of the city, but it is also its soul, because that is where its heart really beats.

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Full of colour and energy, it knows how to close the door and leave out anything that is considered conventional or boring.

In its more than 200 rooms, equipped with the latest technology and LED lighting, the relaxing color palette of the walls stands out, contrasting with the bold hues of the furniture and artwork, by the internationally renowned Greek street artist B. -works they also adorn the common areas of the hotel.

The hospitality experience takes off on the 9th floor, in the Penthouse Suite, the first suite of "Moxy Hotels" worldwide that functions as a place to stay, but also as an event space for private and public happenings, one of the most impressive rooftops in Athens and an overall experience hospitality worth living.

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