Nick Kyrgios batters Stefanos Tsitsipas in harsh tweet as feud between the pair continues

Nick Kyrgios Stefanos Tsitsipas

Nick Kyrgios hammers Stefanos Tsitsipas in scathing tweet as the Greek star unleashes their war of words again.

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios has confirmed his rivalry with Stefanos Tsitipas is alive and well by beating the Australian Open finalist in a vicious tweet on Sunday.

Kyrgios and the world number 3 had a famous clash at Wimbledon last year in which both players were fined after the Greek hit a ball into the crowd and labelled his opponent an ‘evil bully’.

The Australian responded to a tweet that quoted Tsitsipas: “He was the one who broke our relationship. I have done nothing. In 2022 Wimbledon, all I tried to do was compete while he played the clown.”

Kyrgios responded by tweeting, “Right….. this is the game where he hit someone in the crowd… drove another ball out of the stadium and got a lesson in front of another full stadium.”

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The pair could hardly shake hands after their ill-tempered clash at Wimbledon last year, after which Tsitsipas accused his opponent of being an ‘evil bully’.

Kyrgios didn’t hold back with his tweet, reminding followers that Tsitsipas lost his composure so badly at Wimbledon that he hit a ball into the crowd and was fined heavily.

The match was won by the Australian, who lost to Novak Djokovic in the men’s singles final.

On Sunday, Tsitsipas also said: “I was just trying to play and someone on the other side of the net was looking for trouble and doing his antics. It depends on which foot he wakes up with each day.”

He also described Kyrgios – who at one point called for a supervisor and refused to play during the pair’s Wimbledon match – as a “devil when he takes the field.”