Onassis Dance Festival is turning ten and changes name

Onassis Dance Days

The Onassis Dance Days festival is turning ten this year and is coming anew into an exciting era. The ODD embraces the paradox, breaks down boundaries, and looks to the next decade straight in the eyes.

Some 40 emerging choreographers have featured so far, with the Onassis New Choreographers Festival (ONC) acting as a springboard launching them beyond Greek borders, giving them the chance to tour internationally and garner awards at international dance events.

Looking to the future, this year’s festival - to be known, from now on, as Onassis Dance Days - will continue to support the creation of new works developed within the utterly hybrid and dynamic form that is the contemporary performing arts.

Works by artists who, no matter their ethnicity, age, disability, or arts background (be it dance or other), love to answer the simplest question in the world - “ What is dance?” - in thrillingly oblique ways.

The festival will be held from March 2 to March 5.

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