"Hellenic World" Cultural Centre: The Ancient Greek mythological exhibition continues with success

Hellenic World

Over the course of two months, more than 30,000 visitors have passed through the "Gods of Olympus", the great mythological thematic exhibition about Ancient Greece hosted at the "Hellenic World" Cultural Centre.

How did almighty Zeus rule Gods and men? Why was the Goddess Demeter forced to say goodbye to her daughter once a year? How did the other Gods deal with warlike Aris? What strangeness happened at the birth of the Goddess Athena?

In the ancient Greek myths, which were loved and traveled beyond the borders of Greece and influenced the religion, life and worldview of many peoples, the Twelve Gods of Olympus lead the way with their rituals, passions, loves and conflicts.

The great mythological thematic exhibition "Gods of Olympus" focuses on them.

Technology meets myth: imposing exhibits, wall mapping, guided tours, escape rooms, holograms, interactive acts "dress up" the lives of the 12 Gods of Olympus and reveal known and unknown aspects of their character.

More than 150 people worked persistently for a month and a half, in order to shape the huge space of 1,300 square metres, so that "Olympus" could safely "move" to the "Hellenic World" of the Greater Hellenism Foundation.

The aim of this exhibition: To understand the deeper symbolism that these myths hide, but also the ancient Greek knowledge and wisdom. The scientific editing of the exhibition belongs to the acclaimed historian Thanos Veremis.

For those of you who have not yet visited the exhibition, February is the ideal month to come and get to know - while having fun - the greatness of Greek mythology and its legendary Dodekatheos.

Well-known Greek actors lend their voices to the Twelve Gods of Olympus: Zeus (Emilios Chilakis), Hera (Maria Solomou), Demeter (Daphne Lambrogianni), Athena (Katerina Lechou), Aphrodite (Maria Naufliotou), Apollo (Vladimiros Kyriakidis), Artemis (Nadia Boule), Mercury (Thanasis Viskadourakis), Ares (Nikos Vourliotis), Poseidon (Yiannis Stankoglou), Hestia (Athina Maximou) and Hephaestus (Dimitris Piatas).

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Thursday from 09.00-13.00
  • Friday 09.00-13.00 and 17.00-20.00
  • Saturday 11.00-20.00 and Sunday 11.00-19.00
  • Last entry 50 minutes before the end of the schedule

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