WWE fans with an Olympiacos flag want a chicken souvlaki pita - Watch the video

greeks WWE Olympiacos chicken souvlaki pita

Wherever you travel in the world, whether it be the southern reaches of Patagonia in South America or the northern reaches of Lapland in Finland, you will undoubtedly find a Greek. This is especially the case when in Canada, where a huge diaspora community exists.

Those who watched WWE's Elimination Chamber 2023, which took place in Canada yesterday, would have noticed a group of Greeks making their presence felt. So this particular expatriate sat in one of the best seats in the Bell Center in Montreal and made sure to send their own message.

The first was about their favourite team, Olympiacos, as one can easily understand from the flag they had. The second, their favourite food - chicken souvlaki.

You see, they had made a poster that read "Chicken Souvlaki Pita".

See the video:


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