George Dalaras and Christos Mastoras are together in the studio for a new collaboration!

George Dalaras and Christos Mastoras together in the studio

George Dalaras and Christos Mastoras are preparing a new musical project, as revealed through social media.

The frontman of the band "Bees" published photos from the recording studio, writing in the caption: "Teacher and student. The experience of being in the studio with the greatest Greek singer, George Dalaras, is always a new lesson. Beautiful music, beautiful words and voices are coming...".

Christos Mastoras' announcement immediately went viral, garnering thousands of likes and dozens of positive comments, while the song is expected to be released by Panik Records soon.

See the post:

George Dalaras and Christos Mastoras have developed a relationship of artistic appreciation for several years.

In addition to their recording collaboration, they have also collaborated on stage, in musical performances by George Dalaras, such as his anniversary concert at Herodeion, in September 2019.

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