Clean Monday: What to do with your leftover lagana


It is customary to eat lagana on Clean Monday The bakeries are open, so it is certain that we will be able to source from anywhere the delicious bread. Of course, if we want to experiment, we can also make our own at home.

Whether we buy it or bake it ourselves, there's a good chance we'll have leftovers for the next few days. But what do you do with the leftover lagana?


In the spirit of being economic savvy, but also reducing waste, Olive Magazine made some suggestions that will help you to take advantage of the leftover lagana properly, creatively and deliciously.

The freezing solution

If you have a lot of laganas in your house from the start and you are sure that it is impossible to eat all of it, then you can preserve it in the freezer, just like you do with regular bread.

To avoid food waste, cut it into portions that you know will last you a day or a meal and store it in airtight bags.



You can thinly slice lamb or other cooked meats and make delicious bruschetta's easily and quickly. In the fasting version, you can add seafood and vegetables.

Some other ideas:



Instead of bread, you can use the leftover lagana and make a delicious soufflé. Of course, here we will choose laganas that have enough crumb, as most of the lagana has a crust, so it may not be easy and practical for your souffle.

Soufflé with stale bread, cheeses and bacon

Our mums' soufflé that appeared at every holiday table and party holds up well, since you make it quickly, easily and with ingredients that are in every kitchen.

In keftedes and biftekia burgers


Similarly here, burgers and meatballs are recipes that need stale bread to make, so here too you can only use breadcrumbs that have a lot of crumb. The remaining leftovers can be used in other preparations, such as nuts.

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