Bangladesh nationals are among the train crash victims others still missing.

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One more body was identified on Monday, almost a week after the deadly train crash. DNA samples matched showed that the body belonged to a 33-year-old national of Bangladesh, who was living and working in Greece.

The 33-year-old lived in Greece for about ten years and earned his living by selling accessories.

The details of another victim of the train tragedy in Tempe have been identified.

Mohammad-Edriz Mia was on Intercity IC-62, travelling from Athens to Thessaloniki.

According to the media, a friend of the man from Bangladesh who knew about Mia’s trip sought authorities with a toothbrush he had taken from his apartment.

The DNA samples from biological material collected from the collision site and the toothbrush matched.

Mia has lived in Greece for ten years and earned living selling accessories.

Meanwhile, the parents of one student remain in agony as their daughter is neither on the list of the injured nor has she been identified from DNA.

Officially, the number of dead remains at 57 since last week.