NATO: Greek pilots participate with distinction in Spain - See the photos

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From February 13 to March 3, 2023, the 341st and 347th Squadrons of the 111th Fighter Wing from the Nea Anchialos Airbase, participated in NATO's 1st Air Training Series for the year 2023 of the Tactical Leadership Program (TLP), at Base Aérea de Los Llanos, Albacete, Spain.

For this purpose, six F-16 Block 50 aircraft, with similar Flying and Technical personnel were stationed.

During the training, the Squadrons undertook missions consistent with a national and NATO context, with the aim of familiarising and cooperating all personnel, in accordance with NATO standards and procedures.

In this training series, apart from Greece, the Air Forces of Belgium participated with F-16 aircraft, France with Rafale, Germany with Eurofighter and Tornado, Denmark with F-16 and of the United States of America with F-18.

Both the Flying and the Technical staff of the Greek mission stood out on a collective and personal level among the crews of the countries that participated in it.

See the photos:

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