Unbelievable, yet Greek... Cretan man waited a year and a half to receive a letter!


A Cretan from Chania waited a year and a half to receive a package that had been sent to him via Hellenic Post  (ELTA) from the Heraklion Peninsula - only 150km away!

"Today we received two letters from the past! The relatively recent one from January 16, 2023, but the second one from the Heraklion Peninsula took half a year (1.5) to reach Platanos," he said.

In fact, the package also had some edibles that expired in November 2022.

As he told Zarpa News, it was not the first time that he has received a package late from ELTA as in the past, he waited for a long time for water bills, as a result of which he lost a discount for paying on time.

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