Hellenic Train to compensate families of train collision victims, injured passengers

Hellenic Train

Hellenic Train announced that it will compensate through advance payments the families of the victims and the passengers injured in the train collision on February 28 in Tempi. This is to cover their immediate financial needs.

According to the announcement on Wednesday, the following has been decided:

1. An advance payment of 42,000 euros to the families of the passengers who were killed.

2. Regardless of the severity of the injuries, 10,000 euros to passengers who were injured and are still being treated in hospitals or clinics and 5,000 euros to passengers who were injured and are no longer being treated in hospitals or clinics.

In addition, to the families of the dead, injured and other passengers who were on the train at the time of the accident, a compensation of 300 euros for luggage, including hand luggage, and personal belongings, is provided.

In its announcement, Hellenic Train noted that the payment of these advances "in no way constitutes an acceptance of liability on the part of the company," and that the sums given "exceed the minimum obligations foreseen for rail companies by European Reguation 1371/2007 for the rights and obligations of passengers and railway lines."

Under the EC regulation, "If a passenger is injured in a train accident, the rail company must make an advance payment within 15 days to cover the passenger’s and his/her dependants’ immediate needs. In the event of a death, the minimum payment is 21,000 euros."

The regulation does stipulate that an advance must be paid in the event of injury but does not name a minimum amount.

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