GHRD organises discussion on “Human Rights in Pakistan”

Pakistani flag

A “Human Rights in Pakistan-Interactive Talk” panel discussion was organised by Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD).

As many as 96 representative diplomats from the Netherlands, Mexico, Poland, Australia, Italy, Costa Rica, and Ukraine took part in the discussion.

Global Human Rights Defence’s Lina Borchardt led a discussion on the situation of human rights in Pakistan at the event held on Tuesday (March 14, 2023).

Former chairman, of GHRD, Sradhanand Sital, opened the discussion by highlighting the difficulty for many to access the United Nations because of visa issues which remain an obstacle in getting their voices heard.

Principal Consultant on Air Quality and General Secretary of the World Sindhi Congress, Lakhu Lubana gave a powerful speech about the silent genocide happening in the Sindh region. He exposed how the Pakistani government has utilized heavy rainfalls as a form of genocide against the Sindhi people.

Baloch HR Council Executive President and researcher, Dr Naseer Dashti, touched on the enforced disappearances of activists, the millions displaced, mutilated bodies and extrajudicial killings taking place in Pakistan.

President of the Coordination of Associations and Individuals for Freedom of Conscience, France, Thierry Valle spoke on the role of the UN and EU in protecting minorities in Pakistan.

Specifically, he mentioned the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+) which supports the development, participation, and implementation of the convention on minority rights.

He also mentioned UN resolutions urging states to ensure Human Rights within states and protect minority rights.

Finally, Manel Msalmi discussed the issues of blasphemy and women’s rights in Pakistan. She stated that blasphemy laws that have been passed in Pakistan have encouraged religious intolerance and acts as violent as lynching and extra-judicial killings. Pakistan says laws are necessary to appease enraged crowds – were strengthened by parliament this year.

Msalmi emphasised the need to educate from a young age against radicalisation, and for different NGOs to spread awareness and work together with international institutions such as the EU and UN. Following the event GHRD filmed short interviews with Thierry Valle and Manel Msalmi.


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