Greece beats Gibraltar 3-0 and enters the Euro 2024 qualifiers

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Greece won against Gibraltar 3 -0 and entered the EURO 2024 qualifiers.

Mission accomplished for the National Greek at the Algarve Stadium in Portugal

Greece began their journey to EURO 2024 with a comfortable 3-0 win over Gibraltar .

The "blue and white" showed from the first minute that they will be the boss of the match and without being nervous in the least they reached their first "three points" in the qualifying group.

The Greek national team from the beginning pushed for a goal and it didn't take long to come. In the 11th minute, the Greeks played with the ball in a nice way, it reached Baldock , who laid it to Masoura who sent it into the net.

Despite the quick lead, Greece did not let their foot off the gas and the "blue and white monologue" continued throughout the first half.

Characteristically, the possession of the national team reached 75%. Giakoumakis and Mandalos came close to the goal on several occasions, while Pelkas had a crossbar in the 36th minute. But the internationals had saved the best for the finale of the first part. Specifically, in the 45th minute , Manolis Siopis scored his "maiden" goal with the national emblem and made it 2-0.

Poget players returned from the locker room to finish the job. Mandalos in 58' with a terrible ball, found Bakaseta on the back of the defense of the home team and the captain of the national team had no problem to place Koling for 3-0

Up next Greece will play a friendly game against Lithuania in Athens on Monday, while the following group games are scheduled for June.