Kato Achaia confuses Greek Independence Day with Oxi Day

Kato Achaia

Kato Achaia was decorated as usual for Saturday's national holiday, except they confused Oxi Day on October 28 with Greek Independence Day on March 25.

The specific mistake very soon made the rounds of social media and very soon it was replaced with the correct one. Now the inscription reads "Long live March 25".

Spyros Mylonas, mayor of Western Achaia, responded to this issue when speaking to MEGA.

"Today, the Municipality's crew went to place a frame above the official platform, which has the inscription 'October 28'," he said.

"Every year on March 25th a tarpaulin with the inscription March 25th is placed on top of this melamine. The sign was worn, so they turned to a shop that makes them. This was delayed and someone from there took pictures of it," the mayor added.

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