Cod and skordalia: Five taverns in Athens for this traditional March 25 dish

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Fried cod with skordalia (potato-garlic mash) is a favourite dish for Greeks, inextricably linked not only to our culinary culture, but also to family gatherings, which is why we enjoy it equally at home or outside - and why it appears all over taverns in not only Athens, but all of Greece on March 25.

It is time-consuming brining and frying for hours, in addition to all the smells throughout the kitchen.

cod skordalia

Fortunately, if you don't have the time and you're not in the mood, we can leave the job to those who know it best, namely our favorite taverns in Athens that serve cod with garlic all year round or make it especially for the day of the Annunciation.

Ψαροκόκκαλο της Άννας (Psarokokkalo tis Annas)

This taverna in Keratsini makes the cod exactly how it should be. Everything starts with the first quality fish which, after being dipped in a rich batter, is masterfully fried so that it comes out crispy on the outside without losing its moisture on the inside.

The handmade skordalia that accompanies it is delicious, made according to a traditional recipe. Peak days like March 25, it's a good idea to make a reservation.

Fortunately, of course, they also do take away.

Tsakalov and Victor Hugo 10, Keratsini, tel.: 210 43 23 010

Οικονόμου (Oikonomou)

Known for home-cooked meals he prepares everyday, Oikonomou tends to make something more special when the occasion calls for it. So it may not be possible to find this dish every day, but on the day of the Annunciation, it can certainly be expected.

The skordalia and cod is prepared properly and served lavishly in this historic kitchen. Seasoned well and fried in a relatively light batter that makes a thin, almost transparent crust all around, it is accompanied with boiled seasonal greens. Only a cold beer is needed to complete the meal.

Kydantidon 32, Petralona, ​​tel.: 210 3467 555

Τα μπακαλιαράκια της άνοιξης (to bakaliarakia tis anoiksis)

cod skordalia

Its name also reveals its specialty which has nourished generations. Here the cod is prepared in every possible way, including baked and fried.

Equally delicious in all its versions, it covers every taste on a daily basis, especially on Sundays when there is live music, the tables are filled with families, and there large groups full of fun and appetite for food and drink.

The fried cod bites, as delicious as donuts, have fanatical fans, however, the rest of the dishes are always fresh and well-made.

Athens Chalkidos 17, Anixi, tel.: 210 8144 425

Λελούδας (Leloudas)

The garlic cod is the signature dish of this old Athenian tavern. They make the fish just as we enjoy it as children at the family tables on March 25th. Cut into large pieces, it is passed through the pan just enough to cook properly but not dry out.

The skordalia is unique, with a strong and intense taste, which has delightful aromas. Boiled beets and good wine are enough to accompany the delicious meal.

Salaminias 8-10, Votanikos, tel.: 210 3464 167

Μαργαρώ (Margaro)

cod skordalia

The best pan in the port, for about eight decades, they make a delicious cod with garlic, especially on the day of the national holiday. From the kitchen of Margaros, non-stop plates full of golden pieces of cod come out alongside well-made skordalia.

A bountiful country dish and plenty of fresh bread round out the base of a simple but excellent meal. For the rest, whatever catches your fancy from fish and other seafood in season, they fry it so correctly that it convinces even the most unrepentant opponents of fried foods.

126 Hatzikyriakou Ave., Piraeus, tel.: 210 4514 226

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