Vegan? Food blogger shows us how to make "fried cod" with banana flower for March 25

vegan cod banana flower

Cod with skordalia (potato-garlic mash) is the trademark dish of March 25, the feast of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, but also Greek Independence Day, which naturally poses a problem if you're a vegan.

This is one of only two days where the 40-day fasting period for Easter can be broken by eating fish, traditionally cod with skordalia in Greece.

All these years the truth is that we knew this particular dish in its normal form, lightly battered and fried. Recently, of course, we learned about it in its vegan version.

More specifically, as we saw on the Vegan Home website , there is "vegan cod", which of course is not exactly cod, but banana flower!

These are basically fried banana flowers (!), which you can get at Asian grocery stores and then dip them in batter and fry them, just like you would with cod. However, as some users have written on social media, the taste of vegan cod is almost nowhere near that of normal cod, as expected.

It is, however, an alternative if you don't eat fish and want to enjoy the March 25 dining table.

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