The best tsourekia in Athens


Tsoureki is synonymous with Greek Easter. Fluffy and fragrant, our favourite sweet bread takes art and time to make just right. Some have the passion and patience to bake it at home, like the old housewives did. Fortunately, those who don't have time can get them from the best artisans.

Here are some of the best bakeries and pastry shops that make excellent tsourekia in Athens.

Rita's cookies

tsourekia Rita’s cookies

Rita Amiralian makes fantastic cookies and biscuits of all kinds everyday, but her tsoureki is really amazing. Fluffy, soft, fragrant, with silky fibers and musky mastic. Plain is unbeatable, however the one with chocolate chips takes the enjoyment to another level.

40 Domokou Street, Palaia Kokkinia, tel.: 210 4912 323

Σταυρόπουλος (Stavropoulos)

At the small bakery, the tsourekia are puffy and buttery, full of Constantinople aromas. They are baked everyday and disappear before they even have time to cool. In addition to the classic version, they also make small ones, filled with chocolate and walnut, as well as Armenian salty tsoureki.

4 Gambeta Street, Athens, tel.: 210 3847 006

Γουναρίδη (Gounaridis)

tsourekia Γουναρίδη gouranidi

This phyllo workshop may be known for its pies, but it also makes a delicious tsoureki that is fermented according to a traditional recipe. Made with selected ingredients, it is buttery and chewy. In addition to classic, they also make chocolate, just as delicious.

Evangelikis School 5, Nea Ionia, tel.: 210 2712 548

Πελίτ (Pelit)

In this pastry shop they make the ultimate Constantinople-style tsoureki. Fluffy and airy, it smells of pure butter, mahaleb and mastic from miles away. It is always fresh and keeps perfectly for days. Sprinkled with plenty of almond fillets and with the requisite red egg in the middle, it's irresistible.

9 Rodou & Miltiadou, Maroussi, tel.: 210 8068 696

Βάρσος (Varsos)

Βάρσος varsos tsourekia

Selected eggs, butter made in their workshop, premium milk and orange zest are the ingredients that go into the delicious tsoureki of Varsos. Almost sweet, without strong aromas, with the character of a Viennese brioche, it has fanatical fans who duly honour it all year round.

5 Kassaveti, Kifissia, tel.: 210 8012 472


Authentic Constantinople recipe and first quality ingredients are the secrets of success. Sprinkled with sesame, Divan's classic tsoureki smell of mahlebe and mastic. The variety in the fillings steals the impressions while the classics sell out as soon as they come out of the oven.

Naiadon 53, Paleo Faliro, tel. 210 9821 927



Every Easter people line up at its door. This is a classic pastry shop has been making excellent tsourekia since 1967, keeping the traditional recipe that made it famous. Among the highlights is the fasting tsoureki with olive oil, which has its place of honour throughout Lent.

35 Chremonidou Street, Pagrati, tel. 210 7516 898

Ρίζος Ελαία (Rizos Elaia)


Famous for its wonderful breads, every Easter this bakery makes amazing Constantinople-style tsourekia, plain or filled (with chestnut, chocolate, etc.). But what makes it special is the delicious colomba pasquale. This is a traditional Italian Easter tsoureki covered with white bitter almond glaze.

12 Matrozou, Koukaki, tel. 210 9249 527

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