Greek expert demands recall of 100,000's of Tesla's because of defects

Tesla car greece

Greek expert Kostas Lakafosis asked the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) to recall hundreds of thousands of Tesla cars due to a defect.

Kostas Lakafosis is a recognised Mechanical engineer and aeronautical engineer. He has also worked for several years as a Special Press Journalist, specifically at 4 Wheels, in the then team together with Giannis Skoufis and Takis Trakouselli. He has also co-presented Formula 1 races.

Today he is also an accident expert - one of the experts appointed by the relatives of the Tempi train victims.

According to Lakafosis, Tesla cars have a special feature that allows the driver to put the car in reverse when moving forward without having to press the brake, as is the case with all automatic transmissions. This can cause the car to accelerate suddenly and lead to fatal situations.

In addition, the absence of a gear lock mechanism can also cause many accidents.

To prevent such accidents, Kostas Lakafosis suggests Tesla recall all its cars sold since 2013 and update their software to require the brake to be pressed before any gear shift.

Tesla 's response is awaited...

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