Albanian faces charges of attempted murder after horrifically stabbing teenager in Athens


The confession of the 17-year-old Albanian who stabbed 18-year-old Dimitris in Acropolis during a robbery caused a shock as the young assailant appeared unimaginably cynical when talking to the police after his arrest.

"I grabbed his wallet, but he pushed me and then I stabbed him twice, once in the abdomen and once in the neck if I remember correctly," said the 17-year-old knife wielder who tried to hide his tracks by putting his bloody clothes in the washing machine clothes.

As he revealed, in fact, the 17-year-old criminal used cigarettes as a pretext to approach his 18-year-old victim in order to steal his mobile phone.

"We saw some people and decided to take their mobile phones. On the pretext that I wanted a cigarette, I approached them and asked them for one. When we got closer, I grabbed one and took out a knife I had in my left trouser pocket, put it on his stomach and told him to give me his cell phone.

"I grabbed his wallet but he pushed me and then I stabbed him twice, once in the abdomen and once in the neck if I remember correctly," said the 17-year-old in his testimony revealed by Proto Thema, now facing the charge of attempted murder.

As stated in the case file, the 18-year-old's friend chased the defendants while calling for help, where on 39 Adrianou Street in Athens, together with passing citizens, they immobilised one of the two robbers, who was taken in by the police.

With reference to the Albanian origin, the case file states: "the accused managed to flee, but during his escape route he discarded the wallet, with the contents of this 18-year-old victim, which was collected by a passing citizen, handed over to police officers present at the scene and confiscated . […]. When questioned, the 18-year-old's friends identified the accused as the friend of the accused with the knife."

In the raid carried out by the police in the apartment of Agios Panteleimon, they found the accused and the mother admitted to everything.

"His mother was found there, who pointed out her son to relevant police questions, who, when asked verbally by police officers of our Service if he is the perpetrator of the described illegal acts, answered positively and then he was brought to the station where he was later arrested."

In addition, the mother of the accused handed over to the police officers of our service the clothes worn by the above accused during the commission of the illegal acts, namely:

One pair of men's sports shoes, brand NIKE, colour black and size EU 44. One sports jacket, brand NIKE, colour black and size XLL. One jumper, ZARA brand, khaki color (variation), size 13-14. A pair of black tracksuit pants, brand NIKE, with brownish-red spots on the front of the right pocket.

See the photos with the clothes:

20 8

In addition, the defendant led the police on the old Roman market in the Acropolis area since there he told them that he threw away the knife he used, but he did not remember the exact spot and it was not located.

The 18-year-old, speaking from the hospital to Star, claimed that he's living by a miracle.

"I want to say that I'm very lucky that this happened. It could be a lot worse. I want to believe that everything will be fine," he said.

The 18-year-old's condition was considered very serious from the first moment. He underwent a long surgery and managed to get out of the Intensive Care Unit. "I can't drink water and it's very difficult because I'm very thirsty and I have a stomachache," he said.

Regarding his reaction when the incident happened, the young man said: "I went to try to escape and couldn't. Luckily they had my friends by my side at that moment."

Among other things, the young man thanked his family, the doctors and his friend who saved his life.

"They are all on my side," he noted.

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