Delphi Forum: Zoran Zaev travels Greece with a 1600cc motorcycle

delphi forum Zoran Zaev

On a 1600cc motorcycle with license plate bears his initials, ZZ, the former prime minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, arrived at the Delphi Forum.

The video:

As he stated to Voria, the journey began on April 22 from Skopje. From there, he drove his large engine through areas of Western Greece and then traveled to the Peloponnese, ending up a little while ago in Delphi, where he will be a speaker.

After Delphi, he will continue his journey to Thessaloniki, while he is expected to go to Halkidiki, where, as is known, he has a summer house, which he visits incessantly every summer.

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Asked if during his visits to Greece he meets people who are still against the Prespa Agreement, he said that many Greeks say they are positive, while others say " I don't like the Agreement but I like you because you are a good person."

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