Construction of the new Panathinaikos stadium was approved by the Court of Auditors

Panathinaikos stadium

The formal - but very important and necessary - approvals for the completion of the commissioning process for the construction of the new Panathinaikos football stadium in the Votanikos area of Athens are progressing at a steady pace.

At noon on Thursday, the municipal authority of Athens formally received the approval of the Audit Court for the Municipality's contract with the consortium of three companies (AKTOR, TERNA, Mytilineos).

Now after this approval, the contract will "return" to the Municipality of Athens, which will finalise it, so that in May the signatures between the two sides will be signed and the construction works of the new football stadium will formally begin in June.

According to the contract to be signed, the new stadium should be ready for use within 36 months.

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