Far-Right Greek Group's Youth Wing Breaks into Art Exhibition and Harasses Artist

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The youth branch of the extreme right political party Golden Dawn donned masks and forcibly entered an art exhibition featuring North Macedonian artist Sergej Andreevski in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The individuals verbally harassed Andreevski before sharing their triumph on social media claiming that they had successfully shut down the exhibit. Greek law enforcement reported that 15 people wearing clothing adorned with Golden Dawn symbols invaded the exhibition, posted printed material at the entrance, and left without causing any harm or damage.

They reportedly shouted ""You can either be a Slav or a Greek", "You are not welcome here" etc.

"We have relatives and grandfathers who sacrificed their lives for the Greekness of Macedonia," he added.

In a statement to reporters on Thursday, Kalamaria Mayor Ioannis Dardamanelis said a group of ten people had disrupted the exhibition "on its final day".

He called the protesters "irredentist hotheads" seeking publicity ahead of next month's national elections.

North Macedonia changed its name from Macedonia -- the name of a historic Greek region dating to antiquity -- in a 2018 bilateral deal with Athens.

The agreement, which ended a 27-year diplomatic wrangle, was strongly opposed by conservatives and nationalists in both countries.

No arrests made yet.