MAESTRO: Maria Kavogianni shared a "magical hour" from the filming

Maria Kavoyianni, maestro Maria Kavogianni

The "Maestro" series by Christoforos Papakaliatis already made history on Greek television as it became the first to find a place on the iconic Netflix streaming platform.

Among the reasons that make it so popular are, undoubtedly, the performance of Maria Kavogianni, but also the enchanting landscapes of Paxos, where the filming of the second season has already begun.

In such a magical landscape, the protagonist takes us on a journey through her new post on Instagram, where she poses with Christoforos Papakaliatis and writes, succinctly but aptly: "magic hour". In the background, the sea as it sets and a green peninsula.

See the new post by Maria Kavogianni:

maestro in blue

Invited to the 4th Marie Claire Power Trip, the beloved Maria Kavogianni spoke sensitively and optimistically about menopause: "Menopause for me is one of the most beautiful times I've ever lived. I work with great people, in great jobs."

"I feel that I have no age, because the soul is young. I feel complete . I come in contact with new people. I choose my partners. This decade is like a celebration for me. However, it is very important to talk, to support each other. My motto in life is to never stop dreaming. Let us be united and strong."

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