MasterChef: Prepare a dessert and win 10,000 euros - Watch the video


Nikos Trakas was the winner in the "battle" for the Silver Award with Alexandros Antonelakis in the MasterChef test on Friday's episode, where there was no retirement but a copy of a particularly demanding dessert by the international pastry chef, Antonio Bachour.

After the much-anticipated "Wall" Team Trial, the two teams arrived at the weekly board to find out who managed to lead them to the coveted victory, which would give their leader and one other member the chance to claim the €10,000 Silver Award!

For the first time ever, it was the winning team that was put to the vote and chose their member to duel with the leader to claim the Silver Award of Star 's cooking reality show.

In the end the Blues emerged as the winners and the team voted which player would have a culinary duel with captain Nikos Trakas for the coveted prize money. The blue ones voted and decided that Alexandros Antonelakis will face Nikos.

The two aspiring cooks were asked to copy a dish by multi-award winning pastry chef Antonio Bachour.

The judges, Panos Ioannidis, Leonidas Koutsopoulos and Sotiris Kontizas, as well as the guest judge, after tasting the dishes, decided that Nikos Trakas had the best effort, who won the Silver Award, as well as the 10,000 euros.

"Do not believe! Book, 10,000 euros, seminar! It's good," said Nikos Trakas to the MasterChef judges immediately after his victory.

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