Parthenon Still Off Limits to Pets, Says Greek Government

Dog friendly: Pets allowed into more than 120 archaeological sites in Greece

Over 100 other historical sites are opening up to pets, though.

Recently, Greece’s government revisited its own policies on pets and historical sites. As a recent ARTnews article reveals, the number of storied spaces where you could bring a pet has now expended — with a few big caveats.

ARTnews reports that the Central Archaeological Council voted in favor of opening up access to 120 sites across the country to people with pets. There are some substantial exceptions, though Ancient Olympia the Parthenon as well as Delphi are out of bounds.

The policy also includes some guidelines for dogs in the sites that are opening up, including a regulation on the length of a leash and a requirement that larger dogs be muzzled. Visitors arriving with dogs will also need to show that they have — there’s no delicate way to phrase this unfortunately — the necessary tools to clean up after their dogs if their dogs are inspired to defecate on the site. Seems like a fair trade-off for access to history.

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