Greece bans Nazi-linked party from competing in May 21 general election

greece far-right ilias Kasidiaris neo-nazi

Move comes amid concerns the decision might directly impact the election outcome on May 21. The Greek Supreme Court on Tuesday decided to exclude a neo-Nazi-linked party from the general election set for May 21 amid concerns that the party could directly impact the election outcome.

The far-right National Party-Greeks, founded by imprisoned lawmaker Ilias Kasidiaris of the banned neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, does not meet the requirements to take part in the election, said the court, according to public broadcaster ERT.

Nine members of the court’s A1 section voted in favor of the decision, with one dissent, it added. Daily Kathimerini reported that the court’s decision is based on a recent law that prohibits the participation in elections of those convicted of a number of serious offenses, including those involving a criminal organization.