King Charles III receives Jewelled Sword of Offering and spurs to a Byzantine chant

Penny Mordaunt handing a gem-encrusted vorpal sword to Charles III, to powerful singing from the Byzantine Chant Ensemble as requested by Charles in memory of his father.

King Charles is presented with the Jewelled Sword of Offering and his spurs as the Byzantine Chant Ensemble chants Psalm 19. Κύριε, σώσον τον Βασιλέα. God save the King.

The Liturgical piece of music was requested specifically by King Charles III as a tribute to his late father Prince Philip of Greece.

King Charles III crowned in historic ceremony at London's

Charles III has finally met his date with destiny after a lifetime as heir to his late mother Queen Elizabeth II.

In front of a congregation of about 100 world leaders and a television audience of millions, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual leader of the Anglican Church, slowly placed the 360-year-old St Edward's Crown on Charles' head as he sat upon a 14th-century throne in Westminster Abbey.

Charles' second wife Camilla, 75, was also crowned Queen during the two-hour ceremony, which while rooted in history, is also an attempt to present a forward-looking monarchy, with those involved in the service reflecting a more diverse Britain and leaders from all faiths.

The event was estimated to cost around $188 million.

Charles automatically succeeded his mother as king on her death last September, and the coronation is not essential but regarded as a means to legitimise the monarch in a public way.
Tens of thousands crammed London's streets for procession
The King and Queen left Buckingham Palace for the abbey in the modern, black Diamond State Jubilee Coach, which was built in a workshop in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches for Queen Elizabeth II's diamond jubilee.